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The Pink Miu Miu Bag

Friday, 4 July 2008

Imagine this lovely white patchwork Miu Miu tote below (left) in the pink of plastic ring bag, and you get what I've been carrying (almost everyday) for almost three weeks now.
It is absolutely the perfect bag for the SS08. It's summery, feminine and fun, with the pink being just light enough that it does not clash with any color I wear. I was getting bored of the standard black and classic prints in my collection. The style is also very casual and big enough for absolutely everything I need- though it gets difficult sometimes to find stuff in this black hole. It also fits on the shoulder just fine! And if you want, they also have a longer side strap. Oh and did I mention that the leather is absolutely DIVINE? Because it is. Like a baby.

The ONLY downside though is the durability. Now I know that this is a trend bag and it will probably not last beyond a season or two anyway (and thus, me using it everyday since I got it to get the most mileage out of it while I can), so durability isn't a top priority. But the durability of this bag is seriously low. After 3 weeks of use, I fear that my bag is turning color. And not even to a color one would expect, like dirty pink or black, but blue. Yes. BLUE. The edges of the patchwork, especially towards the bottom and the bottom of the shoulder straps, are showing serious signs of blueness. I'd show you a picture, but I lost the adapter to my memory card, stupid Sony memory cards........Anyway, I suspect it might be my denim (even though I usually wear black jeans......) and thus it is all my fault. But denim is like my standard daily uniform. What would I wear without my denim? I guess I should try to desperate the two from now on........ though where would I put my bag when I'm sitting down if not on my lap or behind my back? On the floor? And besides, on the first day of wear, it drizzled a bit and I got some rain on the super soft leather and afterwards, there were blue stains on my bag! I was worried I'd gotten some chemicals on my bag while I was walking around (I mean, shouldn't simple water stains just be a shade darker than the pale pink leather?), but then, when it dried and the stain disappeared, so I didn't think much of it. Thinking back now though, MAYBE it is not entirely my denim's fault but also the leather's........... Anyone else having this problem?

Regardless, if you have something similar or plan to get something similar and want to maximize it's lifespan, remember to use it with care. Keep it away from denim, water and humidity. Because it is a MUCH too pretty bag to become weird and blue.

Image Source: Saks

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