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Stud Earrings

Monday, 7 April 2008

When I first got my ears pierced back in high school, I only ever wore studs. They were simple, cheap (25hkd/ 3usd for a pair) and most importantly, super easy to wear. I would have one pair on and not have to take it off for a few months at a time. Sure, my habit with earrings wasn't particularly stylish or exciting, but I didn't know about the variety of earrings out there and I was mainly concerned about keeping the skin from growing back. Then I grew up and realised that there are so many pretty and wide range of earrings out there that I stopped buying studs. At the same time, I got even lazier (as if it was possible,) and I've been wearing earrings only about once a month, again just to keep my ears pierced. I've mainly been buying long, dangly earrings and usually only wear them for nights out.
But recently, I bought a pair of pale green, rose studs (like the image above,) and now I'm addicted! I've never really worn colourful earrings before so that was a new thing for me. Also, wearing studs just suddenly seemed so much simplier and easier compared to dangly earrings and hoops. So now I'm on a lookout for studs. I want them simple, but not boring.
The ones I want to avoid are the ones that spell out the brand name. Most of them look a bit tacky and just simply too obvious. The only ones I think are potentially cute are Chanel ones -not really sure why.
This pair of wing studs by Giles & Brothers is SO cool! I love them! The details to the metal make the earrings look stylish in that vintage-y way.
I've always wanted something that had skulls on it but I never thought they were worth it. I think this pair is ok though-it's got tiny crystals in the eyes so it would look more designed and hopefully less juvenile. Yes, I know skulls are so two seasons ago but I still like them. This pair is by Tom Binns.
Even though I usually prefer things to be symmetrical, I think these are too cute to dislike. I prefer the XO pair by Giles & Brother, but the LOVE studs by Jennifer Zener are really cute too!
I usually think style items in the shape of lips look cheap and tacky, but I think this pair is done really well and are quite adorable! Although for 242usd, they really should look classier than most! Gosh, I really need to keep an eye out for any sales and discounts now!
Sure, stud earrings aren't the epitome of the earring trend (whatever it is at the moment), but they just look too charming and easy to wear to resist!

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