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Ruched Flats

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ever since I first saw the ruched up flats over at Tods (above) many many many years ago, I've wanted a pair. Not because I thought it looked especially pretty over other flats, but simply because I thought the ruched up thing is just so cool, even though I know that it is all probably an attention grabbing gimmick, since obviously once you are wearing them no one can see the ruch anyway and they will look like normal flats. But alas, there were so many other items on my "want" list that were even cuter that I never really got around to it.
Recently I finally got a pair of ruched flats. Not exactly the Tods one, but they're ruched and they're even cuter, like the two above from Miu Miu (left) and Botch (right). The other night I happily took it out for a test drive and OUCH they hurt! The two points at the side in the front and at the back. Being a seasoned shoe lover, I've been tortured by pretty but painful shoes enough to have tougher more blister proof feet by now, but after a day, I was walking funny in difference to the pain. They are really good quality shoes too from a brand that I've never had a problem with before! Which brings me to my question, are ruched flats in general a pain to wear or is it just mine ? And if so, WHY do people persist in producing them when really they don't create much aesthetic value unless you are not wearing them?

Mine are patent leather, which I know makes a difference. But physically speaking, the ruch DOES add more pressure points to the feet since the feet has to stretch them out and all to keep their shape.......
And come to think of it, why do brands like Tory Burch (left) and Urban Outfitters (right) produce flats with ruches at the back? They look cuter, but once you wear them and stretch it out, one really can't see it. Do they make the fit of the shoe better or add to the pain by adding another pressure point?

Image Source: Saks, Shopbop and Urban Outfitters

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