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Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

This year, HG and I spent new years with friends in possibly one of the crowdiest places in Hong Kong- Lan Kwai Fong (above)- where we wowed along with the crowd at the little bits of fireworks we saw between buildings and counted along to what we thought was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (We are still not sure... someone really should put a ball up somewhere so we'd know when to count!). Over all we had a lot of fun and took lots of pictures in our unintentionally matching outfits. I was in my Express red dress with a black cover up and HG was in her FCUK purple dress with a white furry cover up- we could not have planned it better ourselves!
Reflecting on the last year, we'd like to thank our readers, friends and family for their continued support of I am Fashion. It has been a hectic and exciting year both personally and fashionably (what with the ever changing shapes, siloheuttes and lengths!) and knowing that there are people out there who shares our passion means the world to us. Many have also expressed interest in the background of our blog and us- so sweet of you all!

Hence, in honor of the new year, we are going to revamp our Behind the Fashion Scenes page (FINALLY).
In addition to a few other things, the About the Site section is going to be updated to include more information on I am Fashion and to answer any questions YOU have about our site and us! So don't be shy and post your questions in the commentary below and we promise to try to answer everything the best we can. And if you ARE shy, shoot us the questions at harryhighpanties@gmail.com with the heading "Behind the Fashion Scene" asap. We can't wait to hear your questions!

Happy 2008 Everyone!

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