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New York SS08 Fashion Week Wrapup III

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

New York Fashion Week is over! OK, so instead of going through a few shows like I usually do, I'm picking the outfits that I liked from Marc by Marc and Philosophy. Why those two collections? Not because they are particularly directional or Nina-Ricci-stunning, but because they are contemporary, young and affordable (if you only buy a few pieces.)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
I think this is the first Marc by Marc show that I didn't like on first sight. Usually I adore the way accessories are piled on seemingly randomly and the cute clothes. But this time, the clothes were just really colourful -and I mean lots of colour in single garments. This collection was definately not my taste. These three were practically the only looks I liked.
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
I've never paid too much attention to Philosophy until I noticed that the Co-ed dept of a department store I like sells it. I never seem to find anything I want on the racks but hey, I'm sure I'll find something someday so I'm keeping note of the runway collection.
I really like the dress in the middle but really, where would I wear it to? But the subtle black patterns are such sooo pretty!
The red beaded dress on the right is so cute, short and slinky. It would be such a fabulous flirty cocktail dress. Sigh, I'm already looking foward to next summer!
OK so here's a tiny issue BG and I are now thinking about. Our hairstylist recently started working for another hair salon. BG's not too fond of the new salon -it's not as comfortable and she liked the hair technicians at the old salon. So the question is, should we follow him to the new salon or stick to the old salon and change stylists? OK, like I said, not significant at all but just something that we are mulling over in the last few weeks of our summer holiday.
Image credit: http://www.style.com/

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