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New York SS08 Fashion Week Wrapup II

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

More about NY Fashion Week...
Marc Jacobs
Woah, this collection was a bit unexpected. I've always imagined a lot of Marc Jacobs' normal typical clients liked cute, funky and clean-cut clothes, which is why this collection of sexed-up clothes surprised me. I'm not really loving the underwear theme or the random slits up the skirt or belly-baring tops, but a lot of individual outfits were pretty cool.
Looks like black sequins will still be 'in'. The dress on the left is so cool -I really like the deconstructed black sequin dress with the nude slip under.
The outfit on the left reminds me of Miu Miu FW07. Anyways, you can see a lot of body parts which are usually covered up.
The dress on the left is so pretty! I'm still not sure how I feel about the daywear though (like the one in the middle.)
A lot of putting-together of pieces. The thing with MJ is that even though just by looking at these photos, my first instinct is to dislike the red outfit (left,) I can imagine it looking cool and funky on certain people in real life.
3.1 Phillip Lim
Looking at Phillip Lim's clothes always makes me feel so sad and happy -Happy to see such girly, chic clothes, and sad to know that I can't afford any of them!
Love love love the cocktail dresses! They're so perfect for people in their 20's.
Everything here just looks so cool and chic, (although the outfit in the middle could do without that weird necklace...) Got to try that all-white with trenchcoat look some time in the future!
And more pretty eveningwear.
Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez is a brand that I actually really like the designs of, but I never notice it much in shops or think about it much because it's a) not suitable for my age yet, b) doesn't advertise much. But everytime New York Fashion Week comes and I see a new collection, I just cannot help looking over the collection many times. I love the clean, structured cutting and colour palette.
There was a lot of office clothes and simple, structured clothes.
And then there were the cocktail dresses which I LOVE. Take the dress on the left, I love the way the sequins are placed -it looks like black and purple were sprayed on. And I love that shade of purple of the dress in the middle and the way the fabric is draped. I want!
Image credit: www.style.com

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