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SS07 Trend: Peep Toe Shoes

Monday, 16 July 2007

As I am sure most of you have noticed by now, peep toe shoes are all the rage this season. After many months, I finally hoppped onto the peep toe wagon as well.

Not so much because I was thinking about this trend too much, but more because I was waiting for them to go on sale. As most of my friends know, I've been lusting after this pair of Marc by MJ peep toes for MONTHS, because its so simple and elegant and the height looks just perfect. At some point I was going to give up, because my mom told me that white patent will go yellow after some time. But in the end, I FINALLY caught them at half price and got them. And I'm LOVING them. Except I accidentally dented the heel a bit at the back recently and patent leather is not really fixable :(

For other simple, summery and elegant choices, I am loving these pairs from Aldo (left) and Steve Madden (right). Especially the Steve Maddens. My friend has the similar Marc by MJ slip ons and it looked SO GORGEOUS!

After my shoe drought of the past few months, I started REALLY getting into peep toes...especially with the amazing sales going on around me. I bought a pair of black patent wedges similar to these Aldo (left) ones here with the cross in the front. They are soo cute and very similar to these ones at Chanel which is waaay out of my budget. I love the cross thing because it adds a bit of a twist to the simple wedges, unfortunately though, it also pinches and hurts in the front, so I'm still trying to wear them out. For something just as simple but interesting, I like these flats from Steve Madden (right). Except make sure you get the right size, there is nothing more unflattering then too much feet peeping out at the toe.

For the night, I love these peep toes from Jean-Michel Cazabat (left) and Aldo (right), and I don't even generally like snake skin. But in this instance, they just seem so appropriate for this style!

But alas, I guess I will always go for the classics. I ADORE these pair of sexy black peep toe sling backs by Jimmy Choo (Left). And then there are these gorgeous red heels by Oh..Deer (right). They even have a red sole, so you can pretend they are Louboutins!

Quick question for you working girls out there. Googling up "Business Casual" and "Office Clothes," I found this list of tips from about.com, and it said that "any shoe with an open toe are not acceptable in the office." Do you agree? Does that completely rule out peep toe shoes, even though they look perfectly demure and acceptable to me? i.e. my pair of white Marc by MJ's...

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