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Online Window Shopping For On Sale Dresses

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Since I've started my summer job (answering phones,) I've stopped shopping and it's making me feel uninspired and sad. So I went onto a bunch of websites to look for dresses -on sale ones of course, since what's the point of shopping for full-priced items now when there are bargains all around you. Here are the dresses I liked: (I actually visited a few other e-stores but nothing else caught my eye.)

I've been away from London for just over a month and naturally, the thing I miss the most about London is Top Shop. The online sale section on the Top Shop site doesn't really have a great selection of clothes, but I would definitely have tried on these two dresses if I saw them in the shops. I like the modern artistic feeling the graphic print dress (left) by Top Shop Unique gives. As for the black dress (right), it just looks like a no-brainer, basic dress to own and to go out at night -practical right?

Next I went to Anthropologie (found nothing there) and Urban Outfitters. I miss the Urban Outfitters shops in the States SO much -there's such a wider selection of affordable clothes in the States' shops than UK shops. I love this red dress. Yes, I know it's very plain and basic (which is so me,) but think of all the occasions I can wear it to -that's for daytime and night-time. I can wear it to a bar/ clubbing at night or when I feel like being eye-catching during daytime. There's even a wrap just under the bust area to make the dress flattering for most body types.

I like the blue version of this dress (left), but I'm showing both the colours to show how the dress can look different just by tieing or not tieing the string. It'll make a nice casual, very streetwear-feeling type of daytime dress.

And finally, I ended up at my favourite online shop, Shopbop. I've been eyeing these two Rachel Pally since they have just arrived on Shopbop. They're simple without being boring, and it's so easy to just slip on one of them and wear it alone or maybe with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Absolutely great for daytime.

As for nightwear, I found these two dresses. There's the 60's styled shift dress by Alicia + Olivia (left) which looks classy (it's black and white and has a modest neckline,) and young (thanks to the bias stripe and short length.) As for the navy dress (right), it's simple and contemporary, sort of a blend of Clavin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim, you think? Actually, after staring at it for awhile, it looks like something LC (from the Hills) would wear to events.
Mmm, I do love looking at clothes online and getting inspired... Or maybe I should just stop being lazy and go shopping.

Photo credit: www.topshop.com, www.urbanoutfitters.com, www.shopbop.com

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