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My Dream Shoes ATM: Nude-Coloured Shoes

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Ever since Hilary Duff started doing promotion for her CD, there have been more and more photos (paparazzi and at events) of Hilary and I really started to notice her clothes. (Yes, I know she's got a stylist who picks out her outfits with her.) The one item that I've really loved and have been inspired to look out for are nude-coloured pumps.

I admit I've never thought of nude-coloured shoes before seeing Hilary in them. I've only recently read that nude was apparently one of the IT colours of the 80's, thanks to Armani. Normally, when I think of versatile shoes, I think of typical black pumps. If you think about it, celebrities have all been wearing black or metallic-coloured shoes recently. So as an alternative to those typical colours, I think nude looks pretty fab. Nude doesn't add much colour to your outfit, and it goes with a lot of different coloured outfits. Look at Hilary's outfits -the nude-coloured shoes go with her orange dress, all-black outfit, and the white and grey outfit. Very versatile and sophisticated. Plus they seem to sort of extend one's legs don't they?

This pair of beige-coloured Christian Louboutin pumps are SO gorgeous. I love the colour and the shape, (although I'm not big on the wooden soles.) Don't they look absolutely perfect with the black dress? The only problem with beige-coloured shoes is that they're extremely hard to find cheap/ affordable ones that don't look cheap. They are definitely on my look-out-for list now!

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