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Trouser Jeans

Monday, 7 May 2007

Now that the private sale season is approaching, I'm thinking about jeans again. Since I've already got a million pairs of boot cut jeans, a pair of skinnys and a pair of straight legs, I thought maybe its time I got some of those wide legged jeans.
Turns out I'm not the only one thinking about them. In fact, My friend beat me to it and came home the other day with a really cute pair of Sevens trouser jeans (similar to these two Sevens shown above).
She had the same concern as me though, that they would look really silly and high school-ish. In fact, wide-legged denims brings to mind high school when everyone had wide-legged jeans/pants, trying to look cool. This image is especially fresh in my head, because thats what the teenage girl in The Land of Women (which I watched recently) wore all the time.
So we got to thinking how we would go about making it more sophisticated- and concluded that it was all about the footwear (and to a some extent, the color). Typically high school trouser denims are light colored and are worn with sneakers (as shown in the movie). So to upgrade the trouser denims a bit, might I suggest choosing a relatively dark pair and wearing them with a cute pair of pointy pumps/flats (left: Citizens, right: Paige).
Or a pair of platform sandals! Personally I think I prefer matching them with flats because I think it looks more casual (also it is essentially covered by the wide leg most of the time anyway like here left: See by Chloe) than pointy high heels, which somehow to me makes the whole look suddenly more formal (and I mostly relate this style to the more casual look). I also like these strappy round toed platforms (left: Diane von Furstenburg) cause they also give off that casual daytime look. And top wise, I think the rules for high-waisted wide leg trousers still applies here with denims, although the ones shown here are not quite as extreme as in the other post.

And do be careful when cropping these denims (if needed) and think about what shoes you'll wear them most often with. If they're too long, they'll drag and you'll trip every few steps. But if they're too short, than you run the risk of looking really dorky with the hem hanging in mid air and you won't even be able to past them off as gauchos!

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