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Pirates of the Caribbean III

Saturday, 26 May 2007

One of my most anticipated movies of the year, I very excitedly went to see it the first day it was out. And no, I was not one of those people who went to see it at midnight dressed in Pirate costumes. Although I must say, I did see a few on the streets and the effort put into these costumes is to be commended.
Anyways, onto the movie (and if you don't want to know what happens next- time to stop!). This time it talks about how the crew sails to the World's End to save Captain Jack Sparrow, who got eaten by Davy Jones in the last movie. First they sailed to Singapore to find the Chinese Pirate, Sao Feng (played by Chow Yun-Fat), to get a ship and to steal/get the map to go to the World's End. I'm not sure I like the portrayal of "Chinese" culture here, I've been there and in any century, Singapore is not like that and I don't think they speak Cantonese there. But then again, I guess this movie IS fictional and a lot of things (like immortal squid monster pirates) don't exist.
So they sail to the World's End and saves Jack, who in turn very cleverly leads them back into the real world, where they are accosted by Pirate Sao Feng and people from the East India Company and a whole lot of treachery occurs. So much that I couldn't even keep track. But everything just turns out so perfectly, that one wonders if they (esp Jack's many escapes) planned it or were just spontaneously clever and lucky.
But the basic idea is that Will Turner wants to fight the Flying Dutchman to save his father, who we discovered has gone mentally crazy and all, until the very end.
Meanwhile, Davy Jone's heart lands in the hands of the East India Company and he follows their command, threatening the power of the 9 pirate lords of the sea.
So they all convene to their private lair, Shipwreck something I think, and have a meeting. Here, Captain Barbossa comes back from the dead (first movie) and tries to convince everyone to free the Calipsa, to get the power of the sea back or something.
And Calipsa turns out to be the voodoo woman who seems to know everything from the last movie. Turns out, she's also the reason Davy Jones cut his heart out and everything. Eventually she does get set free, but I don't really see what use it was as she turned into a pile of crabs and created a storm.
Into all this is Elizabeth, who by pure chance, becomes the leader of the Chinese Pirates and the "King" of Pirates by vote. She then declares war to the East India Company and all the other pirates had to heed her. She actually played a really big role in this movie.
Oh and in the heat of battle, she and Will gets married, which I thought was really cute. But then again, marriage with Will (or whatever role Orli is playing) would be cute in any circumstances :PDoesn't he look so handsome and piratey? He SO does not look girly.... I was REALLY sad when he died. I was worried that he'd look like an ugly squid when he turned into the captain of the Flying Dutchman, but luckily he came back and looked handsomer than ever. Just one question, does that mean that after 10 years of doing his duty, he and Elizabeth can live happily ever after should they stick together? Or that they are just doomed to be forever seperated, and Will will remain young forever and Elizabeth will get old and die?
And then of course there is Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Whenever I see him, I can't help but admire the amazing make-up and Johnny Depp's acting. Johnny Depp just looks soooo unlike Captain Jack Sparrow!

Although what was with all the hullucinating of multiple Jack Sparrows? That was kind of weird. And at many points, I didn't know whether to like or hate him, because there were so many betrayals between all the characters that its hard to tell!

Overall the movie was.....very complex. For the whole 2 hr and 45 minutes, we all just sat there trying to follow and figure out what is happening. And to be honest, 3 hours after watching the movie, I still haven't quite figured everything out. Like, what is the point of freeing the Calipsa? And why do they even bother fighting against the Flying Dutchman? They're immortal! Their ship won't sink and their crew can't die. But I did so love all the little funny bits. Like the adorable monkey, the get up of the french and chinese woman pirate lord and everything that Jack said!

I'm surprised to hear that there may be a fourth one coming out.....I think its better to stop at three before it feels too much like they're trying to make a movie out of nothing.

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