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MET Fashion II- Poiret: King of Fashion

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

More on the dresses from the Costume Institute Benefit gala , here are some of the dresses that I was unsure about or are just downright terrible.

I KNOW Anna Wintour is the queen of fashion and everything, but this is not a flattering dress on her. She looks weighed down. Especially with the metallic shoulders and feathers....it looks like part of a body armour.

I read that she is actually looking better in this dress, but Cate Blanchett still looks very scary and skeletal to me. Maybe its the spikey hairstyle, it makes her look even more gaut and edgy.

This one I'm on the edge. I love the drapery and the greek goddess concept behind this Marchesa dress and its also very classy and discrete for JLo. But then, its not exactly very complimentary to her figure.....

And this one. On one hand, this Bally dress is quite flattering, but on the other hand, the see through material of the bodice makes it look really trashy. Maybe if we just convince ourselves that its not really see through. . . ?

At first glance, I did not like this outfit. Shalom Harlow looked like some evil vampire. But then I found out it was from Viktor and Rolf and then it made much more sense why it looked so strange.

The cutting of this dress is actually very flattering to America Ferrara's figure. But i think i just don't like the stripes in the skirts.

What is with Renee Zellweger and fishtail dresses? And to make it worse, the pattern of the dress actually reminds me of a fish this time. The spotty, stoney looking ones.

Conceptually a simple white strapless dress should look elegant. But Christina Ricci just looks uncomfortable and awkward. Maybe Calvin Klein was too heavy on the starch.

I've always loved the way Liv Tyler looks. She's always so elegant and classy. This dress fell short of my expectations. The color is dull along with the cutting, while her make-up is waay too striking and pale.

You'd think this girl would look good in a haysack, but seems like she's human after all. This dress looks awful on her. The bodice is too tight. The dress too short. The color too dull. It looks like she's trying to fit into a little kid's fairy costume. And the fishnet stockings. . . . ugh.

I really don't think green is much of a red carpet color. Although this one on Chloe Sevigny is slightly more striking, the cutting looked a bit amatuer for something by Balenciaga.

Mary-Kate's tiny frame looks like it's being smothered by the overload of feathers. But minus the feathers it doesn't look too bad.

I usually love the way Ashley dresses, but this one looks like she hastily put it together last minute with some strings and tape. . . not very fitted. And WHO is that old man she's with? Please tell me that its strictly platonic (correction: the old man is indeed Christian Louboutin, so it is indeed strictly platonic).

Maybe Ashley and Claudia Schiffer (correction: Gisele Bundchen) made their dresses together?

And for a truly horrific sight, check out Jessice Simpson in Just Cavalli. *shudder*
And WHAT was Karolina Kurkova thinking? What is that THING around her shoulder?
Looks like Parker Posey had a bit of an accident with the laces....
And Claire Danes decided to wrap herself up in tin foil.....burnt in the middle tin foil at that.
And this looks like the tin foil version of something I drew in pre-school.

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