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Hole-In-The-Shoulder Tops

Thursday, 31 May 2007

During the Easter holidays, I started looking at spring/summer fashion in stores and for some unknown reason, I really got into what I call the 'hole-in-the-shoulder tops'. Maybe it's because I like the look with the sleeves sort of droopy and hanging. It gives the outfit a sort of effortless, casual chic feeling.

One brand which is doing these tops is Zucca.
These (Zucca) tops are so casual and easy to wear. Just throw them on with jeans or denim shorts.
Another brand which is doing this is Vanessa Bruno. The VB ones are of course, more elegant and feminine and less of the jeans-and-t-shirt look than Zucca's. Love the dress on the right.
I think this is the top that got me into this look. Don't the 'sleeves' look like wings? It's style can be casual or smart -makes it kind of suitable for different looks.
Daryl K's Doctored Dress is more of 'hole-in-the-sleeves' dress. I think the black and orange dress (right) is sort of cool, but I've tried it on and the dress is hard to pull off. (That's when I realised I should stop obsessing over this type of tops.)
Now this Ann Demeulemeester tunic is just simple and cool. It has a very effortless vibe. A similar top is the one on the right by Maria Bonita. It feels younger than the Demeulemeester tunic but just not as chic.
And here is how real life people (as opposed to mannequins) wear these tops. Isn't it so cute? And see what I mean by the sleeves dangling down?
Nicole Richie looking very casual chic in one of these tops and shorts. Loves it!

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