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SS07 Lookalike Bags

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Ages ago, a friend requested that I do a post on the affordable versions of hit bags. So last summer, I compiled a bunch of 'inspired' bags with their originals in this post. It's been awhile, bags have come and gone so I thought I would do a new one.

The Dior Black Cannage Lambskin Bag has really caught my interest this season. Mostly because I'm desperate for a black bag and a tiny bit because Ashley Olsen and the models looked so cool holding and swinging it. It's available online for 1290USD.
The 'inspired' version by Bebe is at an overpriced cost of 198USD. It looks decent enough, although maybe a bit too small.

The Chanel Cabas was last winter's it bag so new versions of it in different colours and material were released this season. Not sure about the cost though.
And the high street followed of course. The bag on the left is by Nine West (at 120USD and also available in silver and white), and the bag on the right is by Bebe (239USD). OK, is there a reason Bebe bags cost so much?

I'm not a big fan of the spot-my-brand-from-30-feet-away Prada bag (1052USD), but nevertheless I present you a very similar looking one by Guess (75USD). Although obviously, no one mistake your Guess one as Prada.

Chloe bags must be one of the most copied brands out there. Here is the black Betty bag by Chloe (right) selling at 932GBP and the high street version by Oasis (a UK high street chain,) selling at 65GBP.

Again, another lookalike by Oasis at 40GBP (left) but this time it's Chloe's double-pocket Edith at 924GBP (right).

Ahh, Marni's quirky little purse. I've always found these Marni purses so cute, but I haven't figured out an unquirky way to wear it yet (which is why I can't actually imagine owning a Marni purse).
These lookalikes are by Top Shop -they look good for a quick run to the supermarket on weekends. The Marni one is now on sale for 415GBP and the Top Shop ones are 55GBP each.

And finally, tha bag I was drooling over last summer -Botkier's medium Bianca satchel. I still haven't gotten over how pretty it is, esp the dark brown one (no pics here)! I would have totally gotten one if it costs less than it's 595USD!
A similar-looking one is available at Urban Outfitters at 68USD. Ok, it doesn't look that much like Botkier's but there are some similarities. Unfotunately the leather is no where as divine as Botkier's. Sigh...

Phew, that was a lot of sites! I assume that you all as fashion lovers are able to exchange basic currencies speedily so I didn't bother to convert. Gosh, the prices of bags have really gone up haven't they? Both the high end and high street ones!

Photo credits: The sites linked to the label of the bags.

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