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Meet the Robinsons

Saturday, 14 April 2007

So I haven't watched an animated movie in a long time. Not willingly anyway.
But this time I really wanted to watch this one, because the trailer was just absolutely brilliant.
I love the idea of boy genius with his wild imaginations and inventions and future scenes of fly cars (just like the Jetsons!) etc. But what really made the cut for me was this scene that they showed when the dinosaur says that his head was too big and his arms are too short. That just made me burst out laughing and so I simply HAD to go watch it. So kudos to the trailer production team- you deserve the big bucks!

The actual movie did not disappoint. It was just what a Disney movie should be- funny, inspiring and heartwarming. Lewis is a boy genius who builds this machine to bring back the memory of his real mother who'd left him on the doorsteps of this orphanage.
And of course for every movie, there is a villain. This one happens to be the "guy with the bowler hat". .
and his "sidekick" Doris from the future. They steal Lewis's invention and tries to pass it off as their own and thereby changing the future.
But of course there is the kid (Wilbur) also from the future that chases after the villain. He takes Lewis to the future with him in this cool time machine. .
. . where Lewis meets Wilbur's eccentric family, the Robinsons and has a grand adventure where Lewis eventually learns to "move forward," gain confidence in himself and saves the day.
I loved the quirky family, especially the grandpa who always has his head on backwards and Uncle Art the pizza delivery man who dresses like a superhero. The movie was both heartwarming and hilarious at the same time. I definitely recommend this for a fun watch for family and friends.

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