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Dresses from The Bachelors

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Ok, so I watch the Bachelors. Not exactly THE hit show to watch or anything, but in my defense, this season's bachelor is way hot.
He's cute, he's in the navy, he's a doctor, he does the triathalon i.e. he has the body of a god AND he is a humanitarian. But anyway, this post isn't supposed to be about me oogling Andy (well maybe just a little). Its about how amazing it is that these girls always seem to have an endless supply of dresses packed in their little suitcases, wearing a different dress every episode for the cocktail party. Do they get sponsors?

Anyway, so I thought since we're on the topic of prom, it would be fun to look at the types of dresses they wear (since there are such a huge accumulation of them at once on different body types and coloring on the show) and see just see what works and what doesn't.
HITS: I thought these two dresses were sophisticated and elegant. The black dress is classic with just the right amount of sexiness. And the emerald green dress complements perfectly with her dark coloring.
SO SO: While I like the flirty and fun cut of the dress, I thought it looked slightly prom like and too girly.
SO SO: I like the design of the top part of her dress and the cream color. But I thought the additional details at the skirt was just a bit too much.
MISS: Call me traditional, but I just didn't think her dress was very well fitted-esp at the cleavage. Plus the cutting does nothing for her shape and the light blue shade is slightly too pale for her complexion.
SO SO: I like how the vibrant color of her dress contrasts so well with her coloring. But I'm not sure how flattering the cutting of her dress is. . . .
HIT: Personally I hate orange. But surprisingly, I think this orange dress looks good with her blonde and tanned complexion. The cutting is also very simple and flattering.
SO SO: Again red looks good on her, except I think the bias cut of her skirt makes her legs look shorter than they are.

MISSES: Ok, that short short metallic dress (left) is just skanky. I don't think the funny cutting of her her skirt with two strips dangling down (center) is not very complimenting. And the short cutting and that shiny purple color (right) is just WAY too promlike for her.

Sorry the pictures are so small and the selection so few. But they really don't post too many pictures of their cocktail parties and rose ceremony much. I really wanted to show you this gorgeous yellow strapless long dress that Tessa wore on episode 2, but alas, they didn't have a picture of it. She looked great in it! If you have time go check it yourselves on abc.com!

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