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Cleaning Routine

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Coming back from a night out, the thing I dread most is washing the make-up off my face. I am very anal about having remnants of make-up on my face in fear of break outs, so I try really hard to make sure everything is off. Here is what I have to go through:First off is the eye make-up, which is the most painful to get off. I use Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Make up Remover, first on cotton to get rid of the mascara, eye shadow and some eye liner. For mascara I put the remover-soaked-cotton on top of my closed eye and gently wipe downwards to try and get the majority off without losing too much lashes (I already don't have that many!). It generally gets really messy and I hate it- is it any wonder that I don't wear mascara all the time? THEN to get rid of eyeliner, I soak a q-tip with remover and gently run it along the eye-lined areas that are especially close to my eyes. Nevertheless its still quite tricky to get rid of eye liner under the upper lid and in between the top lashes for me.
THEN I wipe my face with this gentle Sebium H2O purifying cleanser until no more color (from foundation) comes out. Next I use my usual gentle Cetaphil face cleanser to clean my face just in case. And FINALLY I put wipe on some toner and put on moisturizer and call it a night.
Oh and did I mention before this I will probably also shower and wash my hair to get rid of all the smoke smell? Its a looooong painful process that takes me around an hour or more, but I still do it. Now if only I have a cure for my smokey smelling clothes. Especially my cashmere cardigan, its all smokey now :( . . . . I thought they banned smoking indoors in america?!?!?

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