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Casual Wristlets

Saturday, 3 March 2007

So I know that wristlets are not even that in anymore (there are like virtually none around the web!), but recently I have had this sudden urge to get a cute casual wristlet- just to carry my essentials in. I can totally imagine myself carrying one for a casual quick lunch/dinner with friends and for a night about town! My first thought was of course, the Chloe Paddington clutch (left: or wristlet depending on how you hook it). They are simply divine, the design is just cool and edgy enough for day and night. This beigi Juicy one (right) here with the buckle is not too bad either.
Moving on, I then thought of Coach, because my friend has a very cute wristlet from them too. And check these out- how darling! Doesn't the buckle thing kind of remind you of the Chloe Ava? I think I'm going to seriously consider the options at Coach.Then there are the more adventurous and fun options from Forever 21 (left) and Shop Intuition (right). The small splash of vibrant color may be just what you need to light up your outfit.

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