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New York FW07 Fashion Week Wrapup II

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

After blogging about yesterday's more mature collections, I felt the need to look at the young(er) designers. There are now more and more young New York designers (I think thanks to Anna Wintour,) and while they are not very infleuntial in terms of trends, they're becoming more and more part of the fashion scene. Plus their clothes are usually cuter than the clothes by the more established designers.

3.1 Philip Lim
Personally I've never worn anything by this designer before, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Almost everyone who is interested in fashion seem to like his clothes. The great thing about his clothes is that they're chic, expensive-looking but still totally wearable in normal life.

Like the Marc Jacobs collection, hats were the acceossry to wear. But instead of French hats, Philip Lim opted by Bowler hats instead, which I find much cooler and hip, adding an edge to the outfits.

I can totally see a socialite wearing the dress in the middle to some New York party.

This collection was very girly in a cool, non-flowery way. I love the bright blue dress with white leather jacket outfit in the middle. That white dress on the right is so loveable too.

I liked this FW07 collection more than their SS07 collection. The dresses just seem less forceful this time and was a more well-rounded collection. There was a good mix of cocktail dresses and floor-length dresses. And for most part, the designers stuck to neautral colours.

I love the design of this purple velvet dress. It's simple but adorned at the same time.

I really like the dress on the right. Maybe because I like black and white combination, with silk and netting material. Although I really don't know when anyone, except possibly celebs on the red carpet, would wear it.

Erin Featherson

I've never noticed her before, and to be honest, this collection wasn't particularly amazing or anytihng, but the whole concept is so cute. All the models looked like little fairies; so out of this world.

If you look at just the clothes, there are some really pretty, adorable dresses. I think the gold dress (middle) is really pretty. This collection is just fun to look at.

Photo credits: style.com, elle.com, coutouture.com sponsored by shopstyle.com

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