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Milan Fashion Week FW07 Wrap Up III

Saturday, 24 February 2007

So far, I think these Milan shows must have been my favourites. The general message seems to be loose and casual, but the thing you got to love about the Italians is that they always manage to make it look flattering and chic.

Gianni Versace
A departure from her previous season's form fitting trimmed style, her interpretation of this season's loose and casual style is inspired. Donatella updates the Versace woman while keeping them looking expensive and chic.

Tailored yet still loose and casual. Any one of these coats will do to keep us looking chic next season. Although I especially LOVE the black double breasted one on the left. You'd think we'd be bored of them by such a classic design by now, but Donatella just makes it look new again.
I also loved how she injected these vibrant colors into the collection. Also note the use of skinny belts here.I'm thinking I really need to get a long cardigan and belt!
Some more typically Versace cocktail dress designs.
And of course, we must not miss the gorgeous dresses. While structured on top, the skirts remain a flow of elegance.
Giorgio Armani
You know loose and casual are "in" when even Armani, the king of sleek and chic, embraces it.
Of course, he still manages to make it look very Armani.
I am especially loving these three outfits. But, WHAT is with the hat and make-up? They make the models look like they are 50, which is ridiculous when most of them are barely legal.
Although in some cases, I thought he took it a little overboard. Like these one, they just look frumpy. And no matter how much tailoring you put into it, that black/white stripe (esp at that thickness) will always look like a prisoner's outfit to me.
More pretty dresses with a bubble skirt twist. It was a different from the norm collection and it isn't too bad, but I thought the collection was too big and many of the pieces just looked really similar and boring.

I am loving this collection. Although I was a bit sceptical about it at first since the first outfit looked so rigid and uncomfortable. But as I looked through the rest, I couldn't help but be impressed. The outfits are sexy and sophisticated without being too revealing, everything was very put together and just sooo gorgeous!
I especially love the first look here with the layered jackets, belt, 3/4 pants, boots and big bag. And the red and black coats accentuates the body and just looks so sexy.
Patterns, especially floral prints, seems slightly out of place in such a structured collection, but somehow Frida strikes the perfect balance and makes it work.
Fabulous, glamorous outfits for the evening.
Although I'm not too inspired by the evening gown portion of the show. Its not particularly interesting nor gorgeous.
Can't wait to see what Paris has in store for us!
photo sources: Elle

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