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The OC Is Really Ending

Monday, 8 January 2007

Hey people, we're back! We had a wonderful, relaxing holiday and fun New Years Eve. (We can't believe our four-week holiday is already finished. We're ready for another four!) We were so touched by the readers, who some nicely, some not-so-politely, asked us to come back.

In the past week, I've had family and friends, who usually are not so on top of entertainment news, call/ email me to confirm that the OC really is over. (It really is amazing how many people knew about this so quickly.) Yes, sadly, the OC really is over.

The OC was such an amazing, fascinating show in its first season. Season 1 was fresh, beautiful, glamorous and oh-so-addictive. Sadly, Season 2 and Season 3 kind of went downhill. One of the main reasons why I continued to watch was for those to-die-for clothes worn by Marissa and Summer.

Now that Marissa is gone and Taylor is the other young female star of the show, Season 4 started off rocky. But for some reason, I really feel that The OC has started going uphill again in the last four or five episodes. Sure, there is no more effortless chic (a la Marissa), nor the fabulously spirited (a la Summer pre-environmentally-friendly days.)

But Taylor, who is always so direct, practical and motivated, has slowly grown on me. Summer is thankfully growing out of her save-the-earth-with-not-so-stunning-clothes phase. And there are the usual: Julie is up to something sneaky, Kirsten Cohen is clueless, Sandy Cohen is saving people with his legal power, Ryan has finished brooding and is back with the Cohens, and Seth is well... doing nothing as usual. Oh, and of course there is Kaitlin Cooper, who Willa Holland is quite great as -you can totally see her related to Marissa. Why oh why does Fox have to cancel the show when it is just getting better again?

Alas, Fox has confirmed that the final episode will air on 22 Feb 2007. Well, I suppose now the producers never have to figure out how the OC kids have to seperate to different colleges. What do you feel about the OC really ending? I for one will really miss it.

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