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La-Tweeze Illuminating Tweezers

Sunday, 14 January 2007

These have probably been around forever (I saw quite a few other versions of it while searching the net), but personally I just discovered them this Christmas when I was standing in line at the pharmacy in Aussie. The sleek hot pink cover of La Tweeze caught my eye first and I thought it was a lipstick. But the lady at the counter kindly showed me that the sleek stick actually enclosed an illuminating tweezer!

Basically the pretty pink cover (they also come in black if pink is too much for you) encloses this tweezer (right) that illuminates (very brightly too) when you press on that little round button there.

And the light is no feeble light too. Its designed just perfect for tweezing one's eyebrow, although do watch where you are waving it less you blind yourself with it. Ooooh and on the inside of the pink cover, there is even a tiny mirror for you to use. Isn't that so clever? Its so compact you can now practically tweezer your eyebrow anytime and anywhere you want!

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