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Beauty Trend: Dark Nails

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

It's no secret that dark nails are all the rage this FW season. Who hasn't asked the Chanel beauty counters, or at least heard about the out-of-stock Chanel Black Satin nail polish? (And if you haven't heard about the craze, please go brush up your fashion current knowledge!) Dark nails look so cool with this season's clothes. When I say 'dark', it basically refers to shades such as brown, black and dark purplish-maroon. Personally, I favour black. Dark nails are good for casual and formal outfits:

Mischa Barton wearing semi-casual, lux, halfway-gothic/punkish clothes.

Lindsay Lohan shows that dark nails are great for formal occasions too. Of course, that lovely huge ring of hers helps too.

One very important thing to remember about this season's dark nails is that your nails must be cut short, and preferably a neat, professional-looking shape. And it's always a good idea to add on a transparent layer on top just to get that extra shine, (very much like this season's patent leather accessories!) If dark colours just isn't your thing, red is the other pretty and fashionable choice.

As a little New Years treat, my friend and I went to get manicures. I was so excited I finally got to get my nails black (-yes, I get excited over very little things.) The nails were seriously cool and went with all my outfits. Plus it have me a much-needed polished-edgy feel. Even though Chanel's nail polish was the one in spotlight this season, BG tells me that OPI (which was used in my manicure,) makes better nail polishes than Chanel. Who knows? I guess just buy nail polish from the brand you like or which is at the price range you feel is right. Has anyone else been having fun with dark nails?

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