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What a girl wants for Christmas

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Hey, Barney's Girl and I are going to take a 2 week break from the blog. Both of us are going to be on family vacation, celebrating new year with friends and head back to college in Jan. But before the break, I'm going to leave you with a list of fabulous Christmas ideas -basically what I would like to recieve, and I'm sure many of you would at least like one thing on the list.

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Girly beauty items. Girls always need eyeliners. Afterall, eyeliner is essential to some people's day looks and most people's night looks. And I absolutely love MAC's powerpoint eye pencil.

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Brush cleaner is another (but not obvious) must to one's beauty collection. Please do remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly!

Speaking of brushes, my sister was just saying how she would love a set of brushes -another essential to one's beauty collection.

Moving onto other girly things, as inspired by BG's list of essential bags, the LV Speedy 25 is a popular and very practical bag for a girl to own.

Another cool bag is the Chloe Paddington clutch -good for day and night, and effortlessly chic.

I love classic jewelry, and the first that comes into mind is Tiffany & Co's basic silver collection. These Elsa Peretti earrings are so classic and versatile. Hmm... maybe I should get them for myself.

The MacBook is SO small and cute, although I don't quite like it's keyboard and function inside. For more a more impressive laptop, get the MacBook Pro -much sleeker and impressive. I stood in the Apple store playing with these Macs for two hours a few weekends ago when my old laptop died, but ended up opting for a regular laptop instead.

Sony cybershot DSC-N2 -it's got 10.1 mega-pixels and a huge 3.0 LCD touch screen. And very importantly, it's cute!

Get your friend a DVD set of your favourite TV show that your friend hasn't watched before. I totally recommend Veronica Mars -it's one of the coolest and most underated show on TV.

Lastly, with more than 20mil viewers in the States each new episode, you can't go wrong with a Grey's Anatomy calender, (unless you know your friend hates the show.) A new year of staring at the entertaining cast of GA and Mc Hotties!

Merry Christmas and have a stylish (refer to earlier posts) new year people! See you in 2007!

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