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Travel Essentials: Shoes

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

One of the things that take up the most space in a suitcase is footwear. Seriously, when I packed up my dorm room, I literally had a whole box full of shoes and I didn't even realised I owned that much footwear. So what are the essentials one packs for a holiday?
A must have are nice comfortable sneakers. Shown here are Hogan (left) and Puma by Alexander McQueen (right) sneakers. I personally am loving my black patent Hogans, because not only do they look good and are comfortable, they're waterproof too! No wet feet-ever.
As a girly girl, I must also have a pair of comfortable pretty shoes to go with everything. What better than flats? For winter, I am loving flats, whether is it ballerina style or loafer style (as the one shown above from Tod's). For summer, I have my metallic RL thongs, although these one shown are Musa from net-a-porter.
Then of course there is the fashionable and not neccessarily comfortable shoes. For winter, I bring classic ankle boots (they also save space!), like these ones (left) from Steve Madden. For summer, I love my Miu Miu platform sandals from last season. These ones shown here (right) though are much more seasonally versatile and they're from Burberry.

Last but not least, there are the party/evening heels that one simply MUST bring. Bring black pumps (pointy or otherwise) for winter (these adorable ones are from Dior) and bring silver sandals (like these sexy Jimmy Choo's) for summer. That way, they match all color outfits. Every girl needs a pair of smashing heels right?

So these are my footwear essentials (I know, I don't live lightly!), what are yours?

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