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FW06 Beauty Trend: The Smoky Eyes

Friday, 22 December 2006

Yes, I know that we are technically at the end of the FW06 season, but I've saved this very gothic look for the festive season. I absolutely love this season's gothic look. We're not talking about high school emo/ rock chick/ gothic look here, we're talking the sophisticated one.

Rochas had chimney sweepers as the inspiration of the collection, including the super smoky eyes which looks like a lot of shades of matte black and charcoal grey.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua -Sparkling and fluid-like black. The whole eyelid looks literally all black.

Marc by Marc Jacobs and Valentino -Marc's (left) eye makeup is soo funky -it looks like the makeup artist used a black eyeliner and drew random lines all over the model's eyelids (which I'm sure were well-planned)! On the other hand, Valentino has got the very sophisticated look, with mainly dark eyeliner at the bottom, complete with red lipstick. A bit too mature for me, but maybe some of you would like to try it.

Nars eyeshadow -Pile on the sparkling black, artistically of course. For those who want a bit of colour, dark purple is great for most skin tones.

Nars liquid eyeliner -Lots and lots (and hope that it doesn't run off throughout the night!) If you want the smudged eyeliner effect, then opt for pencil eyeliner instead. I usually recommend MAC's black eyeliner to my friends.

And lastly, mascara! From experience, Diorshow gives the most dramatic effect, although it did smudge a bit on long nights.

If you think all this black is waay too dramtic and dark for you, then you can try dark brown. See how Rachel Bilson looks mega-gorgeous in dark brown smoky eyes? (But then again, she looks gorgeous in most looks.)

I've always thought Christmas as a family event and New Year countdown as a friends' event. Personally, I think this look is a bit too extreme for family Christmas dinners, but I'm seriously considering doning this look for New Year. Now all I have to do is master the art of putting on all that black eye makeup without looking like a panda and find myself a super pale lip colour!

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